Let’s Put Proseeds Over the Top!


We’ll just start by saying, “Way to go Proseeds!” The local startup – and facilitator of good works – has advanced to the top 15 in the “1 in a Million” nationwide business pitch competition. Produced by the Kauffman Foundation, a leader in entrepreneurial education, the competition drew over 250 entries, including other high profile Nebraska startups that,… Read More

Year 1 Recap: Small Business Help to REACH Your Goals


If you’re trying to grow your small business, you know it takes hard work. But even when you’re willing to put in the hours and elbow grease, it’s not always enough to ensure your business thrives—or even survives. Enter REACH, an initiative designed to offer small business assistance.

“This event evokes inspiration in all of us…”


This event evokes inspiration in all of us, and it’s exciting to see what our employees and our community can do together when we step outside our comfort zone.

There is Bound to be Sparks


When you bring like-minded, high achievers together with dynamic speakers, there is bound to be sparks.

Make / Happen: Permission Granted


Grant yourself or your employees permission to see what we can make/happen.

What’s Your Lemonade Stand? Make / It / Happen.


They didn’t over-think it.
They didn’t under-think it.

We have a deep bench.


Each has excelled in his or her own relentless way, but the common threads are undeniable: extraordinary acumen, dedicated community involvement, incredible humility…

What makes Omaha one of the best cities to live In?


For most people, the must-haves involve three key things: a strong economy, great quality of life and affordable housing. Most cities aim for that, too, but few score well in all three.

Can you innovate on relationship building?


How do we create environments that are conducive for authentic conversations, making a person memorable and a business relationship blossom?

Notice the Humble

On sports teams where the players have come to know each other well via practices and real-life game situations, team members do not “campaign” to become captain. Rather, leaders emerge naturally as a result of their commitment, effort, talent, and character. Some such leaders are fiery and outgoing while others exude a quiet intensity and focus.