Six Causes of Corporate Stupidity

Guest blog from Dr. Kim Hoogeveen, MindSet, LLC When it comes to leading humans, companies can do some stupid things.  I don’t mean arguably wrong decisions – no, I mean flat-out stupid things. A true example: an employee takes a three day leave to attend to her sick child.  After the first day of leave, her… Read More

Leave with your bucket full!

Our dynamic speakers for Make / Leadership / Happen are creating quite the line-up. From breakout sessions focused on leadership in the corporate world to the government sector and harnessing the power of our Leadership Omaha Alumni it’s going to be the break away you need from the day-to-day grind. Nicole Bianchi with Bravium Human Development,… Read More

Connecting Engineering Students with Opportunities

Showcasing Greater Omaha as a career destination for tomorrow’s engineers – that’s a key goal of E-Day, a daylong engagement for aspiring students sponsored by the Greater Omaha Chamber and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering. More than 400 incoming freshmen, enrolled in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering, and about 30 high… Read More

CAREEROCKIT: Where the Flight Takes Us from Here.

  By Sarah Moylan, Senior Director, Talent & Workforce How do I know our first year of CAREEROCKIT was an incredible success? For starters, 100 percent of the businesses that answered our post-event survey say they’re planning to re-engage next year. Beyond that, it’s just that pit-of-the-stomach-kind of pride I feel when I watch the… Read More

Get Involved and Get a Return!

By Melinda Sorenson, Manager – Volunteer and Member Engagement If you’re going to donate your time, effort and expertise, you want a return. I’m not talking about pats on the back (though who doesn’t like a pat on the back every once in a while?) I’m talking about the knowledge that you’re making a real… Read More

New Digs!

What do you get yourself for your 125th anniversary? Well, a new headquarters building of course!  Hopefully all of you have seen the news that in the first quarter of 2018, the Chamber will be moving into a new headquarters, building #5 on the Conagra campus. This announcement was the culmination of more than a year of… Read More

A Message from the President

By David G. Brown, president & CEO This is an incredibly exciting time for the Greater Omaha Chamber. With you and for you, we are elevating our community in significant and tangible ways. Now, to accelerate our regional impact, we are about to launch a bold, new chapter in the life of our organization. During… Read More

How Do You Know If Your SEO Plan Is Working?

Guest blog from B² Interactive Creating and implementing an SEO plan that works for your business takes time, as does seeing the success of that plan. While businesses might hope for instant results—like being found in the top spot on the first search engine result page only days after launching a new website—the reality is… Read More

Giving 100% in President’s Club

“I am fortunate to be surrounded by positive people in my life. My family and friends, my co-workers, my fellow President’s Club volunteers, and the Chamber staff inspire me to be great. I have made a lot of great friends and business connections over the past few years that will continue to help me build my network.” –… Read More

Sales Detox: What Do You Need to Stop Doing

Here is it – the world-class, state-of-the-art sales training our members have been asking for. No plane ticket or hotel stay required. Sales Prospecting Master Class Tuesday, Aug. 29 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Led by internationally-recognized sales strategists Jeff Beals and Beth Mastre, it’s all about outcomes. Each sales professional will leave with a… Read More