We are innovators, always have been.

Omaha is in the midst of an extended period of transformation and breakthrough, not to be defined by an outsider point of view of our home, but in how we view ourselves and move forward.

We are innovators, and always have been. All you need to do is look at some of our companies and our culture. What does it take to be the first transcontinental railroad (Union Pacific) or create a new investment model (Berkshire Hathaway and TD Ameritrade)?

It takes more than a great idea to grow into the biggest and the best. It takes a hard working, forward-thinking, collaborative culture.

We turn great ideas into icons here and that doesn’t include just our Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. We have a tremendous ecosystem of startups, and are supported by a university- and technology-driven culture that rivals most cities – not just ones of comparable size. http://omahastartups.org/ecosystem/

Our large and medium-sized companies are bridging parts of their business to create transformation and breakthrough ideas that will lead to continued growth and strength.

Omaha creates an opportunity for people passionate about their disciplines to grow, whether they are forming the next Grainbridge or working for the best-known insurance company in the world.

We can be nationally recognized for innovation happening right here. Visit WeDontCoast.com/jobs for more information. Let’s move forward – together.

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