“Civically, socially, business-wise – all reasons that I’m part of President’s Club.”

By: Tim Riewer
Vice president, Bank of Nebraska; President’s Club volunteer since 2009 and a consistent top producer

I am quietly competitive by nature. I have some sales skills and a general like for people, and I have consumed sufficient Chamber Kool-Aid to believe the Chamber is the best ambassador we have for bringing jobs and capital investment to our area and certainly a large reason why this is such an outstanding city.

I joined the President’s Club (PC) on the suggestion of my bank’s top management. I was new to the city, and they knew that being involved civically would be a positive step for me to get acclimated. Not only is PC fun, it is a wonderful “moral spend” of my civic time contributions. The group as a whole is made up of good-hearted, hard-working business folks who give of their time for our outstanding Chamber.

I have formed some wonderful friendships, and my efforts have been positive toward helping the Chamber and community grow. I am convinced – the more we do together, the more vitality our region will possess and the more opportunities we will have for a wonderful future here.

2 Comments on ““Civically, socially, business-wise – all reasons that I’m part of President’s Club.””

  1. 1 Chris Hernandez said at 6:12 pm on September 13th, 2016:

    Very well said, Tim. I am so glad you chose to give your time to the PC and become a lifelong friend. Cheers

  2. 2 Name (required) said at 8:27 pm on September 13th, 2016:


    Well said I am so glad you joined PC and I have been blessed big time by meeting you and consider you my good friend.

    Thanks for being YOU!!!!

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