Just Keep Goin’ On

By: Cheryl Lawson, administrative coordinator – Greater Omaha Chamber

Ever heard that Eric Bibb song, “Just Keep Goin’ On”?

Take every knock as a boost,
And every stumbling block as a stepping stone.
Lift up your head and hold your own,
Just keep goin’ on.  

I bring those lyrics to life. I was recently laid off from ConAgraFoods after 31 years –now I am working to elevate the region’s quality of life as the Chamber’s new administrative coordinator.

My Chamber career began on Feb. 1st – and they’ve kept me busy. I am involved with and support community initiatives, the President’s Office, Military Support and Public Policy, a duty that takes me to Lincoln one day a week. I am loving my new workplace and getting to know everyone.

During my interviews, I witnessed the passion people had for the Chamber and their roles. Also there is such a family feel with this group, which is refreshing. Everyone gets along with each other and are all so helpful.

What do I in my spare time? I like to read and shop. My husband John and I have been married for 38 years, and have two beautiful children: recently-engaged Amanda who just moved back to Omaha to work at First National Bank as a manager, Customer Cares; and Greg, a Gemologist with Helzberg’s Diamonds.

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