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My challenge to you….care enough to find out someone’s story. It might just change your life.

Something told me I needed to hear her story.

Who comes to mind?

Every organization has them – those people who are eager to step forward, unleash the dynamic leader inside and have a lasting impact. Think about your organization. Which names come to mind?

The Business Launch

Guest blog post from MindSet   I recently met with a client at her office.  As we walked from the reception area, another member of her executive team (a VP, I later found out) approached us and said, “Anne – did you get that email on the report I need in this week?”  Anne paused,… Read More

It Is a Workforce Issue. Speaking Up for LB 947.

We hear it from employers across the state – it’s the workforce. We hear it in committees around the Capitol – it’s the workforce. On Wednesday, state lawmakers will vote whether to override the Governor’s veto of LB 947, a piece of legislation that is, pure and simple, a workforce issue. The measure would allow… Read More

Celebrating a Culture of Engagement – with Abandon!

At the Chamber, we have a tag line – “Accomplish more. Together.” – that pretty much sums up HOW we work and our overall philosophy.

Leadership Omaha: What Will They Think of Next?

I read the following quote recently on the website of Leadership Columbus, the community leadership development program started 41 years ago in Columbus, Ohio: “Because we have Leadership Columbus, Columbus will always have leaders.” Insert “Leadership Omaha” in that sentence and you’ve captured the essence of the program the Greater Omaha Chamber started 38 years ago.

Mapping Leadership

I feel I have a piece of many puzzles–the Omaha community, the artistic community, my role as a father, my relationships within my network of people trying to do good with their craft, and more. I get a lot out of collaborations like this, both from the initial honor of being asked, but through the process of creating something that ultimately honors the community I serve.