It Is a Workforce Issue. Speaking Up for LB 947.

We hear it from employers across the state – it’s the workforce.

We hear it in committees around the Capitol – it’s the workforce.

On Wednesday, state lawmakers will vote whether to override the Governor’s veto of LB 947, a piece of legislation that is, pure and simple, a workforce issue. The measure would allow DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) youth (sometimes referred to as Dreamers) to obtain professional licenses in the state of Nebraska.

We are speaking up for LB 947 – and encouraging fellow override supporters to do the same.

Right now, we are up against flurry of misinformation attempting to tie LB 947 to illegal immigration; a false argument that somehow DACA kids will be skipping to the front of the line ahead of people who have pursued citizenship. This is inaccurate – and it’s important to set the record straight.

The bill’s sponsor, State Senator Heath Mello, writes, “LB 947 does not make any changes to any existing immigration process, which is established at the federal level.

This new law applies to persons who are following the federal rule of law and have been granted lawful presence by the federal government.

LB 947 ensures Nebraskans who already have obtained work-authorization from the federal government are able to obtain professional and commercial licenses to fully contribute their skills and talents to our communities.”

He continues, “To put it plainly, without being granted both lawful presence, a federal government-issued work authorization permit, and being able to fit within one of a few narrowly defined federal categories, a person would not be eligible to apply for professional or commercial licenses under LB 947.”

We believe LB 947 is good for business. It will help stop skilled and talented workers from leaving the state – and it will help our employers fill job openings that are sitting vacant.

Many of these young “Dreamers” – who have legal presence in this country – have lived almost their entire lives in the U.S., arriving as infants or toddlers. It makes no sense for us to train these youth and prepare them for careers – and then deny them a license, in effect telling them they are not welcome to stay in Nebraska.

If you support this measure – and what it means for workforce development in our state – engage with us on Chamber social media.

Retweet. Share. Contact your own senator.

Help us spread the message that we are an open and inclusive community – and we welcome and value more workers! The time to act is now – the veto override vote is Wednesday.

2 Comments on “It Is a Workforce Issue. Speaking Up for LB 947.”

  1. 1 Teresa Vasey said at 12:22 am on April 19th, 2016:

    What part of legal do you not understand?

  2. 2 Rose Marie Basque said at 3:22 pm on April 19th, 2016:

    So disappointed in our governor over this issue.

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