Chairman’s Award of Excellence: Chris Hernandez

Photo Credit: Matt Dixon with C41 Photography

“A strong business environment is good for everyone. It is a fantastic feeling to watch a new Chamber member grow and thrive once getting more involved.” – Chris Hernandez, Office Products Specialist, Eakes Office Solutions, President’s Club Volunteer; 11-year member of the Chairman’s Circle

I was new to outside sales when I moved to Omaha and quickly realized that networking was the best and smartest way to grow my business. When I was approached to look at giving my time to the President’s Club, I knew the opportunity would surround me with another level of business professionals.

I am naturally competitive, but that is not the only reason I wanted to be at the top of the group. Once I started selling memberships, I truly enjoyed helping people get involved with the Chamber and grow their businesses.

Since joining the President’s Club in 2005, the other PC members have become friends, family and one of the best ‘professional referral groups’ I could have.

The other huge personal reward for me has been the opportunity to grow my relationships with many high-profile businessmen and women.

I am so honored to have been recognized with the Chairman’s Award of Excellence at the Chamber’s 2017 Annual Meeting and humbled by the outpouring of support from local business professionals. What a blessing to be able to volunteer for the Chamber for 12 years now and have the full support of my company, Eakes and its management!



The President’s Club leads the Greater Omaha Chamber’s year-round member recruitment and retention efforts. Interested in learning more or attending a PC meeting? Contact Diane Poots – director, member services, at 402-978-7930.

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