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Our Kim Sellmeyer: brand crusader, peacekeeper… able to chase mounted police down in small bounds.

Her 10 year anniversary with the Chamber – what has she learned? What mistakes have been made?

The “WIFM”? Inspiration, hope and cheesecake.

I’ve been attending and covering Chamber gatherings for years – as a long-time member and a local writer. What’s in it for me?

Are you in?

This is not the moment to settle. This is the moment for ambition…Are you in?

Doers Make Innovation Happen

This is only the beginning. We are going to make stuff happen here.

I don’t network.

Old school networking says, “What can you do for me?” A fresh perspective says, “What can I do for you?”

We Welcome

It’s one thing to make a promise to yourself; it’s another to shout it publicly – loud and proud.

Why I love futurists (aka My brief history as a stalker of smart people).

Abe Lincoln and his United States. Henry Ford and his assembly line. JFK and the moon. Elizabeth Holmes and her revolutionary blood tests.

What do these very different people have in common? They’re what we could call futurists.

Love what you do.

Game On

We are ACCE Chamber of the Year!

If we’re going to tell the world We Don’t Coast, we at the Greater Omaha Chamber are required to lead by example. Allow me to share some tremendous news, another prime example of how we are A) not coasting and B) accomplishing more – together.