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“This event evokes inspiration in all of us…”

This event evokes inspiration in all of us, and it’s exciting to see what our employees and our community can do together when we step outside our comfort zone.

There is Bound to be Sparks

When you bring like-minded, high achievers together with dynamic speakers, there is bound to be sparks.

Make / Happen: Permission Granted

Grant yourself or your employees permission to see what we can make/happen.

What’s Your Lemonade Stand? Make / It / Happen.

They didn’t over-think it.
They didn’t under-think it.

Notice the Humble

On sports teams where the players have come to know each other well via practices and real-life game situations, team members do not “campaign” to become captain. Rather, leaders emerge naturally as a result of their commitment, effort, talent, and character. Some such leaders are fiery and outgoing while others exude a quiet intensity and focus.

How many times have you found yourself in a room where you know just a few people? Maybe it is time.

But in this room you discern “I don’t know anyone” and then realize that Leadership Omaha is going to push you.

Making / Global Impact / Happen

It’s about raising your hand as high as you can and saying, “I’m in.” Despite the busyness of life, the constraints of our comfort zones or the fear of failure. I’m in.

Want to make a difference in a child’s life, too?

It’s not a North, South, East or West need, we are building one community.

Why come to Make / Happen? For the attitude of urgency.

Make / Happen helps build a sense of urgency in yourself that eliminates any hesitancy when an opportunity arises.

My challenge to you….care enough to find out someone’s story. It might just change your life.

Something told me I needed to hear her story.