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Who comes to mind?

Every organization has them – those people who are eager to step forward, unleash the dynamic leader inside and have a lasting impact. Think about your organization. Which names come to mind?

Leadership Omaha: What Will They Think of Next?

I read the following quote recently on the website of Leadership Columbus, the community leadership development program started 41 years ago in Columbus, Ohio: “Because we have Leadership Columbus, Columbus will always have leaders.” Insert “Leadership Omaha” in that sentence and you’ve captured the essence of the program the Greater Omaha Chamber started 38 years ago.

Mapping Leadership

I feel I have a piece of many puzzles–the Omaha community, the artistic community, my role as a father, my relationships within my network of people trying to do good with their craft, and more. I get a lot out of collaborations like this, both from the initial honor of being asked, but through the process of creating something that ultimately honors the community I serve.


Take a look at those up-and-comers in your company and ask yourself the question, how can I help them chart their course to success?

Our Kim Sellmeyer: brand crusader, peacekeeper… able to chase mounted police down in small bounds.

Her 10 year anniversary with the Chamber – what has she learned? What mistakes have been made?

From underdog, to employee, to inspiration.

What kinds of stories really inspire – and make us stand up and cheer? The underdog.

Doers Make Innovation Happen

This is only the beginning. We are going to make stuff happen here.

Love what you do.

We are ACCE Chamber of the Year!

If we’re going to tell the world We Don’t Coast, we at the Greater Omaha Chamber are required to lead by example. Allow me to share some tremendous news, another prime example of how we are A) not coasting and B) accomplishing more – together.

Now that is a good story!

Call it a fabulous side benefit of what we do. In working with our members every day, encouraging connections that elevate your businesses and our community, we’ve compiled a mountain of powerful and inspiring stories; tremendous examples of the great things we’re accomplishing together and why we’re so passionate about our region.