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Adjournment at Last: 2017 Legislative Wrap Up

By: Jennifer Creager, Senior Director – Public Policy, Greater Omaha Chamber and Tim Stuart, Legislative Counsel, Greater Omaha Chamber So how did it go? A senator at the Sine Die dinner put it this way. “Well, we’re all alive.” The Legislature wrapped up the 2017 session on Tuesday, May 23, and senators did so by… Read More

Strategic 4Sight: Vision + Action

By: David G. Brown, CEO & President of the Greater Omaha Chamber Right now, we are not focusing on the right now. We are looking 20 years into the future, and we are seeing a Greater Omaha that no longer has pockets of poverty, that leads in tech innovation and medical research and attracts talent… Read More

Making Bold Predictions on the Blockchain

By: Marco Floreani, Manager of Business Development at Greater Omaha Chamber You can’t work in economic development if you’re averse to making bold predictions. At the very least, it’s our job to have some opinions on the latest industry trends. Over the past years, we’ve seen global trends, accompanied by hundreds of billions of investment,… Read More

“Nothing matters until you close on the real estate.”

By: Randy Thelen, Senior VP – Economic Development “Nothing matters until you close on the real estate,” said a mentor of mine, early in my career. As I now close in on 25 years as an economic development professional, these words remain as true as ever. Whether you are selling your home or landing the… Read More

Let’s Get Radical

The Greater Omaha Chamber’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Division has merged with Straight Shot and Omaha Startup Collaborative to create a new, industry-leading startup support program, The Startup Collaborative. Powered by the Greater Omaha Chamber, The Startup Collaborative is an inspired and accountable growth-seeking approach to company and community building with one goal: to radically improve… Read More

Oftentimes we give and expect nothing in return. This isn’t one of those times.

While we have been aggressive contributors to the political process, we haven’t been aggressive enough, and that is where we need your help.

Orlando hurts. What can we do to help when we don’t know what to do?

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news,
my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'” – Mr. Rogers

If I’m going to vote (and I always, always do), I want to know there are really qualified candidates running.

Encouraging leaders to commit to public office is both a short-term and a long-term strategy, one we’ll continue to work toward as we all strive to make that mighty rent payment.

It Is a Workforce Issue. Speaking Up for LB 947.

We hear it from employers across the state – it’s the workforce. We hear it in committees around the Capitol – it’s the workforce. On Wednesday, state lawmakers will vote whether to override the Governor’s veto of LB 947, a piece of legislation that is, pure and simple, a workforce issue. The measure would allow… Read More

Celebrating a Culture of Engagement – with Abandon!

At the Chamber, we have a tag line – “Accomplish more. Together.” – that pretty much sums up HOW we work and our overall philosophy.