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Making Bold Predictions on the Blockchain

By: Marco Floreani, Manager of Business Development at Greater Omaha Chamber You can’t work in economic development if you’re averse to making bold predictions. At the very least, it’s our job to have some opinions on the latest industry trends. Over the past years, we’ve seen global trends, accompanied by hundreds of billions of investment,… Read More

“Nothing matters until you close on the real estate.”

By: Randy Thelen, Senior VP – Economic Development “Nothing matters until you close on the real estate,” said a mentor of mine, early in my career. As I now close in on 25 years as an economic development professional, these words remain as true as ever. Whether you are selling your home or landing the… Read More

Oftentimes we give and expect nothing in return. This isn’t one of those times.

While we have been aggressive contributors to the political process, we haven’t been aggressive enough, and that is where we need your help.

LB 586: Sexual Orientation Anti-Discrimination Nebraska State Legislature Testimony

Just over a year ago, Clark Lauritzen, then-Chairman of the Chamber Board, testified at the Nebraska State Capitol in favor of LB 586, a measure that would forbid firings because of someone’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

With the measure up for consideration again this year, we thought it appropriate to share Clark’s remarks and re-iterate why we support this measure so crucial to talent recruitment in our state.

Our Kim Sellmeyer: brand crusader, peacekeeper… able to chase mounted police down in small bounds.

Her 10 year anniversary with the Chamber – what has she learned? What mistakes have been made?

Passing LB 586 is the right thing to do. Contact your senators now.

LB 586 prevents someone from being fired based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

It all starts with caring about one another.

With all of the conversation about the haves and have nots, I am grateful for those organizations that are working to solve the problems. When the divide is so wide, it becomes hard to relate and be compassionate.

The Catalytic Leader

As we look toward the future and the next big things, ask yourself this question –

Let’s show what we’re made of.

Continue to make your mark – right here. We’re in this together.

Our talent stays – here. We’re in this together.

We know challenges lie ahead and we are ready to face them – head on.