Let’s show what we’re made of.

Continue to make your mark – right here. We’re in this together.

Why I love futurists (aka My brief history as a stalker of smart people).

Abe Lincoln and his United States. Henry Ford and his assembly line. JFK and the moon. Elizabeth Holmes and her revolutionary blood tests.

What do these very different people have in common? They’re what we could call futurists.

Helping our neighbors and friends is fueling our fire.

I call them our “gut check” moments – those times in our lives when circumstances drill straight to the core: What are we made of?

Love what you do.

We are innovators, always have been.

Omaha is in the midst of an extended period of transformation and breakthrough, not to be defined by an outsider point of view of our home, but in how we view ourselves and move forward.

Our talent stays – here. We’re in this together.

We know challenges lie ahead and we are ready to face them – head on.

Game On

We are ACCE Chamber of the Year!

If we’re going to tell the world We Don’t Coast, we at the Greater Omaha Chamber are required to lead by example. Allow me to share some tremendous news, another prime example of how we are A) not coasting and B) accomplishing more – together.

Now that is a good story!

Call it a fabulous side benefit of what we do. In working with our members every day, encouraging connections that elevate your businesses and our community, we’ve compiled a mountain of powerful and inspiring stories; tremendous examples of the great things we’re accomplishing together and why we’re so passionate about our region.