The “WIFM”? Inspiration, hope and cheesecake.

I’ve been attending and covering Chamber gatherings for years – as a long-time member and a local writer. What’s in it for me?

What does the Chamber provide in one word? Support.

Business excellence plays a role in the completion of our mission.

Some may wonder how much “business excellence” matters to a nonprofit that puts mission over profits. I can tell you it’s everything.

From underdog, to employee, to inspiration.

What kinds of stories really inspire – and make us stand up and cheer? The underdog.

It all starts with caring about one another.

With all of the conversation about the haves and have nots, I am grateful for those organizations that are working to solve the problems. When the divide is so wide, it becomes hard to relate and be compassionate.

Are you in?

This is not the moment to settle. This is the moment for ambition…Are you in?

The Catalytic Leader

As we look toward the future and the next big things, ask yourself this question –

Doers Make Innovation Happen

This is only the beginning. We are going to make stuff happen here.

I don’t network.

Old school networking says, “What can you do for me?” A fresh perspective says, “What can I do for you?”

We Welcome

It’s one thing to make a promise to yourself; it’s another to shout it publicly – loud and proud.